Many wineries and wine brands aim their new segments. So that women and youth are the new consumer to conquer. On this occasion the under 30 were responsible for taste and choose the best wines of Argentina.
Wine is a passion that grows between the young and this trend has been detected by the wineries that have not left this consumer spending going forward. Similarly, the only competition is focused on Argentina under-30 last week under Wine Expo; Bodegas 2008 medals Fifth Edition of Competition VinoSub30 surrendered, and had the great attraction that all wines topped 87 points only gold so surrendered. The event was a major gathering of industry personalities. Among the young, the beer consumption has declined, while the wine has doubled. Today they are not only specialists know wines, varietals, of various types; there is an interest that has been deployed a lot in recent years, a desire to be able to have a knowledgeable and qualified assessment when selecting a wine.
Choosing a wine and know it is a mark of distinction, and now groups twenties onwards is distinguished gourmet who has a knowledge. So we were interested to discover which is the preference of that segment, meet the trend of their likes, know how it is coming to the wine and what aspects highlighting, notes Daniel López Roca, organizer Sub30 competition that seeks to recognize are what preferences of men and women under 30 years. This event is the result of significant growth in the consumption of wine among young people and is the only competition where the jury consists of sommeliers, winemakers, journalists, critics and wine consumers up to 30 years of age. Due to the high level exhibited by the samples and following the rules of the OIV, which allows only award prizes to 30% of the wines submitted this year were awarded 62 wines belonging to 37 wineries with Gold Medals, not getting delivered medals Plata. The wine reached the highest score in the competition has been the Opal Sauvignon Blanc 2008 from the Bodega Mauricio Lorca also received the Millennium Award from the journalist Marcelo Chocarro. Again, open and receptive to good wines that young people recognize palate. Presence of fresh white with floral aromas and varietal Torrontés, Muscat, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris wines were chosen. But it is noteworthy that also received medals red wines of high quality stores and fruity young wines with low profile and oak aging. The trend shows once again that young people are not boxed into a single style as consumers, however, choose different wines for different occasions. In this year’s contest, participated 204 wines from 61 wineries ENTITIES in the provinces of Mendoza, San Juan, La Rioja, Salta and Neuquen. On days 1, 2 and 3 September, at Enoteca Convention Center and Convention Mendoza, tasting sessions were conducted. The jury was composed of a total of 35 young people from the School of Enology School Don Bosco and the Universidad Juan Agustín Maza Mendoza, journalists, tastemakers INV, sommeliers, among whom he counted Martin Mantegini better sommelier of Mendoza, and the winners of the Jury for a Day. The jury was coordinated and supervised by a sub-30 winemaker, Lic. Daniel Heffner. Next year’s competition will be held in the province of Salta, Argentina. La Rioja was one of the award-winning wineries, won 4 gold medals for wines Rioja Santa Florentina Torrontes 2008 Pinot Gris 2008 Santa Florentina, Valdeviña Reserva Malbec 2006, Santa Florentina Torrontes Dolce. The latter is a sweet sparkling natural, 100% Torrontes Rioja, prepared under the Charmat method, which unlike a conventional foaming not part of a cuvée, but natural grape juice. Roberto Monsalvo, Chief Marketing & amp; Communications of La Rioja DaDV told how important this segment. The business strategy of the winery are young, mainly because that is where the growth potential is. Our warehouse is characterized by different product lines to suit the particular tastes of each customer segment, and in this sense the young are not the exception in the portfolio of products offered by the Rioja. Marketing chief said a year ago launched NEO and NEO RED WHITE a carbonated alcoholic beverage, just 6th, made ??from Malbec, Torrontes Rioja and grape juice. This product has been well received among young people, with steady sales growth since its launch. Moreover we have Santa Florentina Torrontes Dolce, a foaming naturally sweet 7th of alcohol and 60 grams of sugar, highly demanded by the female audience. In the case of NQN winery, located in Neuquén, highlighted that young people every day are the most tempting market segment because they possess knowledge about wine and in turn encourage them to try new products. Particularly NQN line has several wines that are demanded by the market / segment, chosen because they are wines with color intensity, fruit and good structure, and where the price-quality relationship is also highlighted. I think this segment is also being encouraged to spend and pay a little more for a wine. As for how to become consumers, the winery said they use new media, such as internet and news media to magazines or targeting this particular group. For us young people are the most important segment because it is the time where we start to educate the consumer, to know where we, first as Bodegas Etchart and then through our brands. Since we seek communication that young people know our wines, first, by the attributes and values ??and provides Bodegas Etchart Cafayate region. And then with our brands we are going accompanying at various stages of life. So the young consumer knows our proposal from Cafayate, the line of entry-level and then evolve Ayres Cafayate in the middle segment of the market at a given time and appreciate the high-end and our emblem, B. Arnaldo, one of the best wines from Argentina, commented from Etchart winery. While at the time of implementing a particular strategy to aim its wines, brands, and labels this segment, said they seek to strengthen the bond with our young customers and encourage our brand image. With this goal, we plan effective marketing strategy and aligned with our values. So, for this segment of the market seek to offer more fruity, aromatic and sweet wines, which achieve better adjustment by the public. The Cafayate Cafayate and Ayres, rescue lines all the prestige and history of Bodegas Etchart, but from the position we seek to build brands and descontracturadas young. It’s a job that starts from the same label of each wine. We try to transmit the passion to discover new sensations and invite open way. This strategy is developed with action in wine stores, supermarkets and restaurants. We are present in places like Deep Blue Sushi Club or all areas characterized by offering excellent food, but also with an aesthetic and similar to the image of our brand identity.